Hand Painted Cylinder/Vase*****

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 The Cylinder begins as a clear hand blown glass piece.  Then, the artist hand applies paints using a special technique which explodes the colors onto the inner surface of the glass creating beautiful patterns and colors.  Gold and/or silver leaf are used as accents.  When finished, the painting is sealed.  Because these pieces are made by hand, please note that no two pieces are ever identical and will not be perfect.  Colors will vary. The glass cylinder is made from recycled glass and natural flaws do occur.

  • Cylinder heights may vary due to being hand blown and not blown into a mold.
  • Glass Cylinder may be used for fresh or dried flowers.
  • Candles are not recommended as the glass is coated on the inside and it is not transparent which limits illumination.

8"Dia x 14.75"H        or              8"Dia x 12.5"H

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