Bottle Brown/Turquoise Clay Jar-SMALL

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Clay decorative vases is hand painted with old world colors and tones.  Great for dried flowers and branches.  Indoor use only. 

Clay Planter Care:  To preserve the life of your clay planter, coat with a protective sealant inside and out. You can use a stone sealant such as those used for marble or granite floors for the exterior of the pot.  For the interior, we recommend an “interior planter sealant” or tar/roofing sealant.  This will help protect the pot from the elements. First, clean the inside and outside with a damp cloth, and allow it to dry, then coat with sealant. Water cannot sit in the planter.  This will damage the clay quality and will deteriorate the clay. 

Small Vase:  11"Dia x 25.25"H   (mouth opening: 9"Dia)

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